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Improve your home’s style quotient with these amazing products
Home Improvement

Improve your home’s style quotient with these amazing products 

People love their homes. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small apartment or a palatial establishment or a hillside chalet, home is probably the only place we can truly be ourselves and call our own. The feeling of peace and comfort one experiences on returning back after a long day at work and unwinding on the couch or watching their favourite series is unparalleled. But, have we ever realized that we can improve our homes greatly by making certain modifications to them? These modifications range from subtle and small changes to major and expensive ones. The blanket term used to describe such changes and modifications that make our homes better is called “Home improvement”. Today, we bring before you two such subtle home improvements that will vastly enhance your home without burning a hole in your pocket. 

Pvc door

These are doors that are made out of Polyvinyl Chloride. Abbreviated as Pvc, this is a form of polymer or plastic that is used in a wide range of applications, like pipes, electric cables, floorings, signs, etc. Pvc doors are available in a lot of varieties and can be used extensively in dynamic conditions. The different types of Pvc doors are as follows-

  • Traditional front door-
  • As the name suggests, these are mainly front doors that come in classic designs like Victorian, Edwardian, stable doors, etc. These doors are regularly custom-made and display exceptional thermodynamic properties. The safety quotient of these doors is exceptional as well.
  • Doors with modern or contemporary designs-
  • These doors are available in a cosmopolitan design and usually come in a choice of either uPVC or composite materials. These doors can be custom-made as well and display exceptional thermodynamic and security properties. 
  • Cottage doors-
  • As you may have already deciphered from the name, these doors are suitable as cottage doors and are available in the market in a wide array of designs, styles, and sizes. They also feature superior thermodynamic and security properties than other comparable doors available on the market.
  • French doors-
  • These are appropriate as garden doors and can be used to up the style quotient of your house considerably. One can find these in both aluminium and uPVC constructions. The thermodynamic and security properties of these doors are superlative as well, although it is recommended that you check the sizes properly before ordering or installing them. 
  • These are some of the popular styles of PVC doors that are available in the market, now let’s look at a few characteristics that make them superior to other doors.

Advantages of a Pvc Door

  • Pvc doors are highly customizable and can be tailored to specific needs.
  • Pvc doors display a high degree of thermodynamic efficiency and provide good insulation. 
  • Pvc doors are safer than other doors since they have stronger frames and mountings.
  • Pvc doors are relatively low maintenance since they don’t expand or rot like the ones made out of natural materials. 
  • Pvc doors are immune to the challenges of adverse weather conditions and are not at risk from moisture. 
  • Pvc doors are great at insulating against external noises due to their engineering design.
  • Lastly, Pvc door boasts the advantage of being fire resistant, which makes them better than their direct market rivals. 

These doors can be a great first step in taking your home to the next level.

Double glazing 

Double glazing is a type of window that comprises two panes of glasses in a single window frame. These kinds of windows are also referred to as insulated glass units. 

Read on to find out how great it is to undergo double glazing. 

In this configuration, there is a spacer between two panes of glasses with air or insulating gases sealed in between them. Now, let us look at the various styles that are available for double glazing Belfast.

  • Tilt and turn double glazing-
  • This is one of the most common forms of double glazing Belfast and a perfect choice for households with young kids. The turning mechanism provides for ample airflow throughout the room whereas preventing kids from opening them ajar. The handle can be conveniently used for cleaning as well.
  • Casement windows-
  • These are perfect for rooms where lighting is an issue to be dealt with. These windows open wide and can provide ample lighting in almost all situations.
  • Vertical sliding-
  • These variants have a traditional look and design attached to them and carry the appearance and functionality of a sash window. A UPVC frame is better suited for them since that will cut down on maintenance greatly and be easier to open or close.
  • Georgian Bar-
  • If you want to make your home look vintage and period correct, then a Georgian bar double glazing will be perfect for you. They are not only easy to maintain but also simple to use. Please note, that despite the characteristic appearance, modern Georgian bar windows are not multi-paned but just have the appearance of the actual one. 

These were just a few of many options one would get while double glazing Belfast

Now, let us take a look at the advantages of double glazing windows.

  • Double glazed windows provide insulation against external weather conditions and help maintain an ambient internal temperature. 
  • Double glazed windows are safer than conventional windows in the way that they are harder to break into.
  • Double glazed windows provide a barrier against unwanted noise and make the internal environment quieter and more peaceful.

Final take:

Pvc doors and glazed windows can be a great starting point on your home improvement journey. They will increase the style statement of your house exponentially while not compromising on functionality.

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